The Blue River Story

In 2005, Blue River Hybrids was established through the work and dedication of a few individuals with a common goal, to provide high quality seed and exceptional genetics specifically for organic environments. Established in 2005, Blue River's history in the organic seed business goes even deeper due to the experience of our founder, Maury Johnson. Maury was the driving force behind development of NC+ Organics, a division of NC+ Hybrids. This brand would become Blue River Hybrids.

From the very beginning, we knew we didn't want to be just another seed company. To achieve our objective, we partnered with a group of breeders that focused solely on non-GMO hybrids. We had to be sure we could provide top genetics that would perform reliably in organic environments.

Since establishing in 2005, Blue River Hybrids has been committed to our mission, committed to organics, and committed to you.

What Makes Blue River Hybrids Different?

Key elements of our business set us apart from being "just another seed company".

RELIABILITY: Blue River Hybrids provides dealers in all major organic production areas across the United States. Our dealers offer honest advice, dependable product recommendations, and quality service on a a local level.

COMMITMENT: Blue River Hybrids is committed to organic seed with over 90% of our product line being certified organic. Our Kelley, IA plant is certified organic and dedicated to conditioning ONLY non-GMO seed. This helps us ensure a quality product every time, meeting the needs of our customers large and small.

INNOVATION: Blue River continues to bring new and better products to the marketplace, many of which are a direct result of a customer need or request. Ground-breaking products like PuraMaize corn prove that Blue River Hybrids is leading the way. We invest in the latest technology in quality assurance and seed treatments; striving to deliver the best, most advanced organic seed products on the market.

VALUE: We work hard to provide a variety of products in a wide range of maturities to suit your needs. Our dedicated in-house testing and development ensures that Blue River seed products meet or exceed top quality standards. That means having peace of mind that YOUR seed will perform.Maury Johnson

“We are grateful for the opportunity to supply organic seed for your farm.”

Maury Johnson

Maury Johnson

About Blue River Hybrids