Organic Agriculture Links


US Drought MonitorLeaving Site

Soil Temperature (Iowa only)

USDA WeatherLeaving Site
This USDA web site has information on weather and crops and publishes a weekly report on weather, drought, crops, etc. with details by state.

Weather For YouLeaving Site
Features of this site include maps for drought index, morning frost and freeze, crop moisture index, & precipitation probability. AgricultureLeaving Site
This popular weather site has a special link for agriculture. Click on “Growing Degrees Days Calculator” to find the heat units that have accumulated for any region.

Organic Grain Pricies

Rodale Institute Organic Price ReportLeaving Site
Rodale Institute has an excellent comparison of the major organic markets with conventional markets.

Organic Grain Buyers

Upper Midwest Organic Resource DirectoryLeaving Site

Educational Sites

SARE-Sustainable Agriculture Research and EducationLeaving Site
Established in 1988 and funded through the Federal government, SARE administers a nationwide grant program for research and education in sustainable agriculture. They also publish an excellent print and electronic resources for farmers, educators, and consumers.

ATTRA National Sustainable Agriculture Information ServiceLeaving Site
ATTRA National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service is managed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and is funded under a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture's Rural Business-Cooperative Service. ATTRA provides information and other technical assistance. This site includes and “Ask an Expert” page with a toll free number to call with your questions about sustainable agriculture.

Rodale InstituteLeaving Site
Rodale Institute is nonprofit organization originally founded in 1947 by J.I. Rodale. Their mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people and the planet. Rodale offers an online, 15 hour course to assist farmers in transitioning to organic farming.

Midwest Organic and Sustainable EducationLeaving Site
Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education service is a standout among educational services in the organic community. MOSES sponsors numerous educational opportunities, the foremost being the annual Wisconsin Organic Conference in La Crosse, WI.


National Organic ProgramLeaving Site
The National Organic Program (NOP) develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards for organic agricultural products. The NOP also accredits the certifying agents (foreign and domestic) who inspect organic production and handling operations to certify that they meet USDA standards. You can access a list of certifying agencies at this site.

OMRI, Organic Materials Review Institute Leaving Site
The OMRI Products List is a directory of all products OMRI has determined are allowed for use in organic production, processing, and handling. Because participation in the OMRI Review Program is voluntary, a product’s absence from the OMRI Products List does not imply its failure to comply with the National Organic Program Rule.

Blue River Hybrids is proud to be a member or a sponsor of the following organizations:

Iowa Organic AssociationLeaving Site
Michigan Organic Food & Farm AllianceLeaving Site
Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York, Inc.Leaving Site
Practical Farmers of IowaLeaving Site
Pennsylvania Certified OrganicLeaving Site
The Organic CenterLeaving Site
Ohio Ecological Food and Farm AssociationLeaving Site
Organic Crop Improvement Association, MN#1Leaving Site
Organic Crop Improvement AssociationLeaving Site

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