PuraMaize® Corn Hybrids Organic & Conventional
Since 2011-2012 Blue River Organic Seed has been offering a powerful tool to combat GMO contamination in corn—PuraMaize®! Developed through traditional selective breeding, the PuraMaize gene blocking system impedes GMO fertilization by strongly favoring its own PuraMaize pollen. Highly effective in protecting corn from GMO field drift, PuraMaize delivers you peace of mind by preserving the non-GMO status of your grain.

2018-2019 will be the eigth sales year that PuraMaize corn hybrids will be available to the organic farmer. After 7 years on farms across the United States we have seen consistant performance in terms of agronomics, yield, grain quality and grain purity. PuraMaize has proven to be a solution for farmers who want to maintain the integrity of their organic grain, insure that they receive the premium price at the elevator, and obtain the yield that they expect from an elite hybrid.


Click HERE for a printable PuraMaize factsheet.