Organic Certification

Blue River's OCIA Certificate verifies that best organic practices were used in our seed production. Blue River's organic seed is conditioned and warehoused in a facility south of Ames, Iowa. This plant is dedicated to organic production.

Additionally, Blue River products are listed with OMRI, the Organic Materials Review Institute.

To assist Blue River's customers in providing information for certification purposes we have included organic certificates that can be downloaded and printed for Blue River products and seed coatings.

Information that is necessary for your organic inspection and certification is located on the tag that is attached to each bag of seed. This information states the following:

  • The contents are 100% organic
  • There is no treatment applied to the seed
  • The seed is not the result of genetic engineering

It is recommended that organic farmers keep their invoices and or sales receipts in the event that the certifiers request that information.