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Wyoming Organic Farming Conference

Most organic farming conferences focus on growing large grain crops, fruits, or vegetables in moisture-rich soils. Dryland organic farming doesn’t always get the attention it needs – yet there are many dryland organic farmers, researchers, and scientists who have lots of knowledge and experience to share! If this sounds familiar to you, consider attending the 7th Annual High Plains Organic Farming Conference in February of 2020 (click here for more info).

In the meantime, the University of Wyoming published a great review of this past February’s conference! The conference was held at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, Wyoming and was teeming with passionate and knowledgeable experts in dryland organic ag. Attendees learned about raising grass-fed beef, growing small grains and pulses, current events in the Farm Bill, and navigating organic certification.

This news comes as no surprise to those of us at Blue River! Organic management is increasing in popularity out west for a variety of reasons. Farmers are finding that organic premiums and improved long-term soil health can increase the sustainability of their farming operations. Most importantly, social stigma attached to “bucking the trend” and farming differently is fading, and the chance to find an educational community is drawing more farmers into the organic fold.  We are excited and heartened to learn that more opportunities pop up every year for organic producers and we’ll continue to get the news out to our customers as we learn about them!