Forages & Sorghum

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Forages and Sorghum

Blackhawk 12


BMR sorghum sudangrass hybrid.  BMR 12 gene;  capable of high yields and good palatability.  Primary uses are pasture and hay;  secondary use is green-chop or silage.  Multi-cut hybrid with excellent regrowth capability.Resistant to mildew and anthracnose.

Nighthawk 6


BMR sorghum sudangrass hybrid.  BMR 6 gene with higher sugar content and better palatability.  Brachytic dwarfing gene improves standability and tillering.  Excellent choice for haylage, balage, or silage.  Resistant to downy mildew and anthracnose.
Gray Hawk 6

Widely adaptable sorghum-sudangrass featuring the BMR-6 gene.  Versitile crop usage for hay, silage and grazing.  Exceptional drought tolerace, good early season vigor and regrowth for muliple quality cuts.

Pheasant 6


BMR Sudangrass hybrid.  BMR 6 gene and "dry stalk" trait with excellent palatability and rapid dry-down.  Finer stem than sorghum sudangrass hybrids.  Multi-cut sudangrass hybrid with excellent early season vigor and regrowth capability.  Resistant to downy mildew and anthracnose.
Grouse 6 CNV Sterile, medium-maturing, sorghum hybrid.  A single-cut forgage sorghum that would make an excellent choice for hay or silage.  Palatable and highly digestible. 
Grain Sorghum - all of our Grain Sorghum is CNV Non-GMO
5501 CNV

One of the earliest hybrids with excellent yield potential for double crop

5911 CNV

Excellent yield potential, high tolerant to sugar cane aphids

5916 CNV

Oustanding yield potential, performs at high levels on good conditions and tough dryland
625Y CNV

Medium maturity hybrid, outstanding stay-green and drought tolerance

7706W CNV

Very good tolerance to sugar cane aphids, excellent yield potential

7721 CNV

Good disease resistance, plant in high rainfall or irrigated conditions

902W CNV

White, food-grade sorghum with outstanding grain quality