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PuraMaize: Protecting Your Organic Corn At Harvest…One Field At A Time

What is PuraMaize? If you haven’t had the chance to try out this genetic marvel, then continue reading to learn how it can optimize your organic grain at harvest.

PuraMaize isn’t just another variety of organic seed corn. It virtually eliminates the need to delay planting in order to avoid GMO contamination from your non-organic neighbors. This means you can take advantage of a longer growing season and you’ll have the ability to stagger your harvest with an even wider range of varietal maturities.

When you plant regular organic seed corn, the threat of GMO contamination in the resulting grain at harvest is still a significant concern. You may have carefully selected an organic corn variety with great genetics, but if pollen from a nearby GMO cornfield makes its way into your organic corn during pollination, it won’t matter how great that variety is – you’ll still wind up with GMO contamination in your harvested grain. Not so with PuraMaize!

By using traditional plant breeding methods, our plant breeders have given you access to organic seed corn that not only has strong genetics, it is almost completely resistant to foreign pollen. This means you no longer have to delay planting behind your non-organic neighbors' field. PuraMaize allows you to plant the same day right next to them, and be worry free at harvest that the grain you’re harvesting is free of GMO contamination.

PuraMaize is ideal for all organic farmers, but particularly those who are supplying organic grain, meat, or dairy products to the Non-GMO markets. These farmers need to be confident that there will be no contamination from neighboring GMO varieties when they harvest – and Blue River has stepped up to the plate to bring you the next level of purity in organic seed corn!

To learn more about PuraMaize or to see if it would be beneficial to your operation, contact your Blue River representative, or call us at 1-800-370-7979.​

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